Roberto Tres   - A mental Range in Flux  portion 2005/1999  Stone 85 x 44 x 16 cm // 33.5 x 17.3 x 6.2 inches

"The emotional content has arisen in connection with the material-producing building a  Forms  obtained from perception. A value based  on  the existence is to trace the  growth  of  our  existence  in  relation to the passage of time. Fight the formal aspect which leads us back to  two principles linked by relations time and space. In distinction  of  these  phenomena  pause  executive takes  a  value,  at  the  time  when  it  stops  a  concatenation  of  movements  of  structural connections which become the fragments of the whole execution process." 

        Roberto Tres  written box 1999;

Roberto Tres   - A mental Range in Flux  portion 2005/1999  Stone55 x 49 x 32 cm // 21.6 x 19.3 x 12.6 inches

"When We talk about the experimentation We  have to be  disconnected  from the established  schema sometimes leaving that randomness gives way When We talk  about the experimentation  We  have  to be  disconnected  from  the  established  schemes  sometimes  leaving that randomness gives way to the   systematic  nature  of the work rational and reasoned. Forms generates is a project in which to create new "organic forms" became a necessity, leaving out some aspects of finish to create a processing of the material is not over but in the process of continuous metamorphosis. The  material  which  best  suits for this purpose is the Concrete, in the  form of  mold  Roberto Tres drawn the function of creating various shapes of the surfaces similar to membranes fluctuating. Taking  example  and  studying parts of the human body by mixing the same, bringing the particular muscles, tendons excess as a machine completely indifferent to relations with the entities already present."

                   from Roberto Tres written box 1999

Roberto Tres Self-Costruct vision  2014/2013  

"   The vision product is exposed to a predetermined event programming to the functions they perform meta codes given to the transfiguration statement.   In this connection reference to the dissociation of the apparently causal sub-sequence composed of images and sounds in conjunction with each other, leading….  to represent a character not finished, giving us the prerequisite to complete the sequence in all the missing parts. The human cognitive processes are at a far higher level than a calculation tool. Continuing through the transfiguration of cognitive process our sensory receptors make that reorganize the environment autonomously. Similarly we summarize the contents of the images and give meaning to our reading…           a more analytical way possible, we can not abstract ourselves from the logical nature in which we are organized.   "                    

                                                    Roberto Tres

Roberto Tres Self-Costruct vision  2014/2013 

"an example frame of  my recent digital sequence..  soon published on my website"

 Roberto Tres - A Kind of Human lack   2012/2010 Marble 80 x 25 x 16 cm // 31.5 x 9.8 x 7 inches


When We   imagine   a form in our  minds, and  we imagine a form to represents something   through the material of which he made​​. This process  tends   to close  us operationally. Assuming  that the  search of the form it is understood in our minds  how the answer to our reading. Leaving intact this concept which represents the space and limits   our  relationship  with objects,  limiting  ourselves  to observe the distances volumes reports that they create an interlacing of balance. Or as doubt arise as two formal aspects pronounced “interference formal” or perhaps  two hinges  which detach the geometric multiple parts and join them  at the  same  time. The series of A kind of human lack,  introduced like a question like an investigation in order to explore the limits of our perception.